Third Axis : The Exhibition


Due to the imperative importance of organizing specialized exhibitions for provision of a scientific & economical mechanism for conveyance of advanced technologies & programs in pharmaceutics industry,  Medical Equipment & Health Services to the Libyan everyday practice, & provide opportunities for rendezvous between acting National Institutions in the Health Sector for exchange of different expertise & organize specialized exhibitions in Pharmaceutical Industries & Health services in general, the preparations' committee upon contraction with the General Exhibition Authority & the Investment Encouragement & Nationalization Affairs Authority, to benefit from the advantages of international exhibitions such as easements in issuance of visas & customs procedures & providing opportunities for participation on international level, where many institutions especially in neighboring countries expressed preliminary consent regarding participation.


As an encouragement to international participation Video Conference services were made available for remote management of the pavilions & communication with clients within the exhibition.


Advantages enabling success of the exhibition :

1-   Assignment of a specialized company to implement decoration of the various pavilions

2-   Live feed on the internet from a fully equipped studio within the exhibition

3-   Participation of State affiliated organizations including the ministries of health & economy

4-   Provision of remote pavilion management services through the video conference technology to encourage participation of foreign organizations

5-   Participation of the General Authority for encouragement of investment & nationalization affairs in support of investment in the health sector


The Organizations participating in H.P.H Libya…..2018


1-   The Cabinet of Ministers

2-   The Ministry of Health

3-   The Ministry of Economy

4-   The General Authority for management of exhibitions

5-   The General Authority for encouragement of investment & nationalization affairs

6-   The Customs Directory

7-   The Commerce, Industry & Agriculture Chambers Association

8-   The Pharmaceuticals Inspection Authority

9-   The Medical Provisions Department

10-                       The Doctors Association

11-                      The Dentist Association

12-                       The Supplementary Medical Professions Association

13-                      University of Tripoli


Advantages for participation as Official Sponsor :

1-   All advertisements & prints shall bear the Logo

2-   The opening speech

3-   An area of 16m / regular setting

4-   A copy of the attendance database for the workshops

5-   A special copy of the documentation for the convention distributed on all international & local organizations (The Convention Guide)

6-   Three video commercials on the internal screens, the duration of each is 30 seconds

7-   Three Advertisements distributed throughout the exhibition as per the regulations

8-   The logo on the website for the convention for a period of ten months in addition to illustration of contact information.


Exhibitors : Square meter comprising

One table + Two chairs + Source of Electricity + Two projectors + A garbage bin


Exhibitors' Unique design : Contracted independently as per the set design by the exhibitor in addition to providing all the requirements in general as per the regulations thereof


Advertisements :

·       Video Commercial on the internal screens, the duration of the advertisement is 30 seconds, in addition to the live internet feed

·       Advertisements