First axis : Workshops


Approval of six workshops structured encompassing the Health sector in general for a period of six days aiming at illustration of the actual issues facing the health sector through research participations & recommendation of seminars as a basis for launching the next stage through :

1-   Provision of practical solutions  enforceable in our current times to absolve the current issues in the Health Sector

2-   A basis for the researchers’ topics where the second course is implemented on November 2019 as a scientific conference, an authorized scientific committee comprising twelve members for management of the workshops taking into consideration an assortment of academic character & practical experience in the health sector, the workshops were designed & executed in two stages

1-   Stage One for presentation of the research participations that were eligible as per conditions stipulated by the Scientific Committee

2-   The Second Stage comprises Seminars of preset participations to attain practical recommendations & due to the current circumstances, participations from outside the City of Tripoli were allowed through video conference technology, thus Omar El-Mokhtar Hall was prepared for such occasion, the hall may accommodate 400 people while being fully equipped to accept external participations




Workshops approved for implementation in the First Course :


1-   Mechanisms for nationalization of pharmaceutical manufacture within Libya

2-   Pharmaceutical Falsification & methods of prevention

3-   The role of the private sector in investment at the Health Sector (Reality & Expectations)

4-   Medical Insurance & its role in the Health security of the citizen

5-   Mechanisms for minimization of the distance between the Educational Institutions graduates & the Manpower requirements of the Health sector  

6-   The role of Municipalities & Civil Society Institutions supporting Preventive & Instructional Health Services for the Citizen